Where do I go for photos?

December 28 , 2012 09:44 AM
Fortunately for me there are lots of little photo oasis in the Phoenix metro area and I'm constantly finding new ones thanks to my great clients.
Where you want to shoot depends on what feel you want.  I find lots of clients want to use the landscaping at the front of their housing development.  These can be good locations if you are working in that "golden light" which means just before sunset or just after sunrise.  Otherwise you need a location to have an ample amount of solid (not mottled) shade.
One of my favorite locations for early morning is AJ Chandler park in downtown Chandler.  It offers fountains, architecture, long walkways, columns, and grass.    This location is great for an old time or classic feel.
Downtown Mesa has some excellent street locations.  Park benches and street lamps work well and even the cars in the back can make for a great modern feel.
Waterfalls and lakes at subdivisions can work well but I always look for good lighting.   Pecan Groves is a fantastic location in Chandler.  Unfortunately they have banned non residents due to some improper sessions using their waterfalls.
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